Saving Contacts to Send Whatsapp Messages is Painful

Orso Extension lets you send messages on Whatsapp web without saving contacts. Just Right Click any number on screen to send messages.

Philosophy: Your time is important, don't waste is sending messages manually. Let us do the work for you.


Orso can handle your complete workflow for outreach on Whatsapp Web

Orso allows you to send messages to contact without saving them. You can save custom templates for each type of lead and quickly send the templated message.

1 Click Message Send

You just need to right click on any number on a website and click on send message.

Save common messages as templates

You can save common messages as templates and send them on whatsapp with 1 click.

Bulk Messages

You can also send bulk messages to multiple numbers at once ny uploading csv or excel file of contacts.

Re-engage with your contacts

Re-engage with your customers by sending them follow up messages in 1 click. All your past messages are stored locally in your extension for quick access.

Start Sending Messages in 3 Steps

Step 1: Download

Install the Orso chrome extension from the chrome store.

Step 2: Add Template [Optional]

Save your message as a template.

Step 3: Select Number

Select the number on a website and right click to send message.


Steps image
Pricing — Orso


Orso is free if you send less than 10 messages per day. For more than 10 messages per day, you can choose from the following plans.

1 day passs

Ideal for testing

$ 3
per day
  • Send unlimited messages without saving contact for a day.

$57 for a year

Gives you unrestricted access for a year

$ 57
per year
  • Get Access to Bulk Messaging. Upload your contacts and send messages to all of them at once.
  • Send unlimited messages without saving contact for a year.
  • 100% Refund for a week.

$80 LifeTime

Gives you unrestricted access for a lifetime

$ 80
  • All the features of the yearly plan.
  • You get unrestricted access for a lifetime at an extra price of $23.


Look at what people are saying about Orso!

Malena Rolandelli at

❝ Super useful extension! must have if you need to send whatsapp texts to multiple numbers without adding them as contacts. By far the best working option for this, that I have tried.❝

Laurent Delécluse / Simon Mamo Real Estate

❝ Very useful app. Rahul did a great job. Super responsive to improve it also. ❝

Mansoor / Startech Store

❝ This extension is super helpful to chat on WhatsApp web with a unsaved number. And the best part is its just a matter of right click, No copy No paste. And Rahul was very helpful while I was stuck at some point. I am sure this is going to help many ❝

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